Company / History

SIFA has over 40 years of experience in the furnishing and refrigeration sectors for a great restaurant interior design.It is the only company to manufacture and sell such a wide range of products for public concerns such as bars, patisseries, ice cream parlours, pubs, bakeries, delicatessens and snack bars, grocery stores and butchers' shops.

SIFA products are also found in small-medium-scale food retail outlets. The company production area extends over 25,000 sqm, which include 17,500 of indoor factory space, plus 1,200 sq m of office buildings and showrooms.Thanks to the use of modern, cutting-edge technology, SIFA is able to manufacture highly industrialised products in full compliance with the European standards for safety, hygiene and safeguarding the environment.

Our unmistakably original designs can be used to personalise any area to create totally unique styles and images. Product ranges are further enriched with the furnishing possibilities offered by SINTHESI, which is part of the 'GRUPPO SIFA' group of companies.