Company / Mission

SIFA creates perfect furnishing harmony bringing together design, technology and liveability.

SIFA is the leader company in terms of size and experience; it develops its business through an efficient organisation and is continuously trying to improve and increase all of its production, distribution and bar designing activities.

An entire staff of technicians and qualified professionals work together every day in the realisation of furnishing for public areas, a production which is distinguished for its marked characteristics of high quality and of absolute reliability over time. Sensing and, frequently anticipating orientations in taste, taking suggestions and ideas from the new trends, we interpret the ideas of our clients in brilliant and sophisticated furnishing projects of assured success.

Making our main objective maximum customer satisfaction, we propose an infinite gamma of aesthetic solutions to match the infinite sources of inspiration we draw from. In fact, without forgetting the importance of realising a product of high technology and great functionality, we tastefully redesign the classic forms of furnishing with originality, playing up the design aspect - that fundamental component that is capable of creating an intimate correlation between the furnished setting and those who live in it.


The company organisation is solidly built on efficiency. This is possible thanks to the presence of professional stylists, technicians and designers; these highly qualified professionals work with the main objective of obtaining maximum levels of quality and innovation in their work and they distinguish themselves by offering the clients accurate and diligent assistance in all of his/her needs.

Customer Care

The complete understanding of the needs and desires of the client is the first, fundamental step in realising a project of guaranteed success. Through our passion for our work, we exalt your passion for the business you want to start and we follow all of the developments of the project with professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm, which grow from the beginning to the end of the project.